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Welcome to club physical

Club Physical is unique in that it is foremost about WELLNESS for the family.

We offer both shorter bite-sized 30 Day Challenges, while our MOVE IT programme is non-competitive, and encourages healthy long term weight management.
Club Physical’s 90 Day Transformation Challenge is now famous locally having changed the lives of thousands.  Additionally our GROUPX classes offer FUN and variety from YOGA to XRIDE.

Mums can enjoy precious time-out at most locations with the FREE morning Kids Club for under 5’s.  

We’re proud of the achievements of our young Olympic Wrestlers. These classes teach young boys and girls about both inner and outer strength.

Performance Net has begun at Albany location teaching children both drama and dance with Hip Hop for teens starting in 2016.

Each member’s goal is of high importance to the team at the Club, who will help define this with you and offer support along the way.

The values important to Club Physical mean that as a company we have a charitable mission and will help others when able. This includes the FREE Cancer Wellfit Programme and support for organisations such as TEAR FUND and WORLD VISION.


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