Your 12-Week Summer Slimdown Starts Aug 21st!

The minute you step into Club Physical, you’ll feel the difference.

There is no body shaming. It’s all about helping YOU get results. In fact, within days, like others, you may be asking – “Why didn’t I start this before?”

Let be frank. Club Physical’s 12-week Summer Slimdown is about weight loss. Together you will be losing at least 10 kgs. Your waistline will be 6-10 cm smaller. This is the goal we will set with each of you. Of course, this is providing you do have the excess weight to lose.

You will meet and move with lots of others with the same goal as you. Yes – it will be FUN and it will be supportive.

If you are worried about what to eat or that you will go hungry, don’t be. We thrive on simplicity. You might even be eating more often than you are today!

Our nutrition guidelines are health-filled, easy to follow and practical for the ultimate health of you and your family, long term.

So if this is something you have been putting off for a month, six months, or a year, this is your call and your time to get started.

Come in for a chat today.

We’re here to inspire health
and save lives.

The average results are

Waist Reduction
Weight Loss
Body Fat Reduction
Blood Pressure Reduction

*results may vary from person to person.

Real People, Real Results:

I saw photos of myself at my 22nd birthday and enroled at the first club. I had never been fit before and it was time for a change.

Training became easier and I found I liked going to the gym. One of the highlights was going to a Halloween party and having an old friend say to me ‘Wow, you got HOT!’

Danielle’s blood pressure reduced by 28 points, her weight by 11 kgs and her body fat reduced 5%

As I lay slumped on the couch like a sack of spuds, wine in hand, a Club Physical advert blared Get the body you want!’

The ads ultimately got to me and I enroled. My clothes fit, I’m happier, more energised, my back is the best shape it’s been and I’m totally committed to my lifestyle change.

Sue’s waist reduced 24.5 cm and her blood pressure dropped 11 points.

I was rushed to the hospital with a suspected stroke.

Then shortly after, I looked into the eyes of my beautiful daughters and I knew I couldn’t let them down… and joined the programme immediately.

Steve reduced his waist an incredible 36.5 cm, his weight by 23 kg and blood pressure by 35 points!

When I hit 50, I was becoming increasingly tired and the weight was piling on.

Clothes no longer fitted and I was puffing going up the stairs. I’m not a morning person, but now I  bounce out of bed, excited about my workout!

Haley’s waist reduced 15 cm, weight reduced by 9 kg and blood pressure by 7 points.

Pushing myself was much easier with the GROUPX classes. I pretty much took every class that was on offer.

For me, pumping music and a motivational instructor pushing me and the others makes for a much better workout!

It worked! David, an electrical engineer amazed his wife by reducing his waist by a whopping 31 cms!


Among the more than 1,000 testimonials received, numerous positive changes to health, strength, sleeping habits, and even the energy available to play sport with the kids have been reported.


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