If you have been diagnosed with cancer, probably the last thing you would think of would be to start an exercise programme. But probably, this is one of the best decisions you could ever make. Club Physical’s Cancer Wellfit Programme offers you the opportunity to take control of your health outcome.

Cancer Wellfit New Zealand was founded by Club Physical’s directors in 2006 after having been inspired by the late Julie Maine of USA. This was further inspired by the results of on-going studies by Professor Robert Newton of Australia along with a growing number of supportive studies and results being released almost every week since.

Essentially these studies endorse that “If you begin an exercise programme post diagnosis, you will increase your survival rate by 60%!”

The goal is to re-build your lean body mass and to help you to regain a sense of control over your life.

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About The Programme

Cancer Wellfit is a ten-week programme aimed at increasing your lean body mass. You will receive a ten week Club Physical membership. This also enables you to attend any GROUPX class from YOGA to XRIDE. At the moment you can start as soon as you are ready, and sooner is always better for your health. Club Physical will also gift a membership to a support person.

You will need to budget for a Personal Trainer. Most Personal Trainers are self-employed and it is vital you do receive professional instruction and coaching. We can guide you with this.

Who Can Start?

If you have or are recovering from cancer, you qualify. Just simply fill out the form below or contact Paul at 09 414 3976 to arrange a consultation.

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Cancer Wellfit Programme

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