Changing your game


Thank goodness that we live in a country that takes pride in its culture and free speech. It’s great that we’re all individuals with creative minds and differing ideas. Today I’d like to ‘challenge your thinking’, having been challenged myself.

A few months back my daughter Chloe emailed me from Sweden telling me I should watch a new documentary called ‘Game Changers’. Then last month, members at the club also began suggesting that I watch the same film. Amazed at how many were endorsing it, our family sat through a viewing, then a repeat viewing a few days later.

Now, I admit that whenever I see the name Arnold Schwarzenegger, my ears prick up and I always take notice.  Not only was Arnold involved with the documentary, so was a team of top level athletes from around the world, along with highly reputable health experts like Dr Dean Ornish.

This movie is ‘changing lives’ in a way that I would never have expected. Even yesterday at a West Auckland educational event, two people came up to me and asked “Have you seen Game Changers?” So today I feel compelled to ask YOU, have YOU seen Game Changers? It’s available on Netflix!

Watch the trailer HERE