Health Tips


Your Move

    You’ll probably agree that the hardest part of getting fit or in starting any worthwhile project in life or business is in

Action today will shape your tomorrow!

We’re breeding a culture of speed. Everything needs to come fast. Since the advent of mobile phones our attention spans have generally fallen from

The speed of trust

Trust might simply be the missing link between you and the best health/fitness results you have ever enjoyed. Daily living, as full of challenges

Resistance training for success in life!

There can be no debate that you can scientifically increase your strength with a well-designed program. You simply increase the resistance you used on

When will you rest?

    Congratulations. You’ve proved you can do it. You pressed through tiredness, pushed through weakness, and elbowed that still small voice saying: “I

Are you living with stress?

  Thousands of years ago the stresses of daily life were of absolute survival. Will I eat today? Or will I risk being eaten?

How are you limiting your life?

How are you limiting your life?     Here are three challenging thoughts. The first thought is that YOU are capable of doing, achieving

Learning to adapt

Learning to adapt     Much of our failures in life will be due to our failure to negotiate ‘transitions’. And when you think

A Better Future

  What are you prepared to give up for a better future?     A few years back we enrolled a Tax Inspector named

Gone in 7 Seconds

Good health is a matter of choice     There are two major glaring opportunities that, when respected, can have the biggest positive impact

Whose responsibility is your health?

The government?!   The number of Kiwi stroke sufferers is predicted to balloon by a massive 40% within the next ten years. In a

Reflect on Achievements

Are you making time to reflect   Are you like allot of Club Physical members – progressive, fitness conscious and hardworking, but always ‘busy’.
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