Health Tips


If you could ‘buy’ good health, what value would you place on it?

  Your answer will be influenced largely by your age and your current status. You could be a carefree teen or be suffering stage

Are you Strength Training this week?

Did you know that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will suffer form an osteoporotic fracture at some point in their

In just 5 seconds YOU can smash procrastination

Has anyone shared with you – the five-second rule’?  Give it a go and take it seriously and your life will never be the same

Laughter is good medicine

One thing I love to hear when entering the gym is laughter. It immediately tells me that this is a good place, where people

Friends who need your help

When talking with a member who operates a pharmacy this week, I asked him how his business has been since the last lockdown. “Quite

Your body or your boat….

  This may not be the kind of choice you need to make and it’s true that we do love our boating in New Zealand. But

The seven health risks of becoming a hermit

  More than fifteen years ago futurist Faith Popcorn predicted that by now society would be ‘cocooning’, living in apartments, having our shopping delivered.

Dropping the Plus …It’s happening

  On the goal, providing that you do have it to lose, is to drop one clothes size. Let’s face it, your waistline either

What would be a good gym routine?

You will certainly become more of an athlete by working out regularly, but if you’ve haven’t been exercising and you desperately want to adopt

How BIG are your potatoes

Both real and imagined, the time we’re living in has presented each one of us with mental and physical challenges. Half of New Zealand’s businesses have been placed

So you think you’ve got problems?

Last week while cleaning some gear on the gym floor I made a point to speak with three separate women who were working out. I

Better than a Pill

  Not meaning to be fasciscious, but if you haven’t been having this regularly, you are short-changing yourself. Of course, I’m speaking of a
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