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Choose your own headline

Last week a guy called the Rock Radio Station to share an experience he had just had. The young man was feeling down about the Lockdown

The cup is half FULL

Every day YOU get to decide on your attitude. On Tuesday the goal-posts suddenly changed and it will have been a shock to some.

Who’s watching YOU?

Someone is watching you and emulating everything you say and do. It could be your little boy or girl, or it could be your

Are you fighting fit?

  In a time, unprecedented in the world, at the time of writing fifteen million Australian’s are in lockdown and the people of Fiji,

What do YOU stand for?

  It can be a tough world out there and when you dig a little deeper with any member of the club, it doesn’t

Are you thriving in wellness?

A recent Gallop poll sought to determine the wellbeing of respondents with dramatic results. Only 4% of American adults considered themselves as ‘thriving’ in

Are YOU eating your veges?

Half of the results you can get by adopting a healthy lifestyle will be from exercise and simply by moving more. The other half is

Enjoying a healthy, happy workplace

Laughter is music to my ears when I walk through one of our clubs. I love to hear laughter among the Club Physical Team and among

Be patient and enjoy long lasting ‘results’

So, you’ve finally decided to get physical with your weight-loss goal. You’ve got twenty kilos to lose and you want it done NOW! In order to

Overcoming your ‘SPLAT’!

Mo Farah accidentally tripped and fell on his tenth lap of the 10,000 meters in the 2012 Olympic Games. But Mo sprang up and

Another reason to make your workout priority

  Years ago, after my grandfather died in his mid-90’s I was given his Gold Watch. The inscription read ‘Awarded to David following 50

Exercise and mental health

  Rock icon Jimmy Barnes admitted to New Zealanders on Friday that ‘exercise’ is his key coping mechanism to deal with the high expectations placed upon
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