Health Tips


Do you choose quality or price?

  When this question was asked at a local Auckland Business group meeting last week it drew surprising results. Kitchen renovator Rosemary Mahoney asked

Do this and be welcome anywhere

  One of the major benefits of coming to Club Physical is that YOU will get to make new friends. Think about it. You

Do you know your own strengths?

  As you grow in the wisdom of life you realise that you often need to rely on the help of others and to

Doing it ‘together’ is allot more FUN

  Pictured are part of the team who completed the twenty one day Tour de France at Te Atatu. They are among hundreds of

Smile when you lead

  One thing that’s impressive about great leaders irrespective of their policies, is the way that they can smile while being attacked. They smile

When is the best time for you to make a decision?

  Regular exercise is a wise way to help maintain brain-health. Exercise provides a nourishing environment for the growth of brain cells and keeps you mentally sharp. Most

Focus and WIN

  The key to success in anything is to focus on the behaviours you need to maintain to achieve it. Then stick to it,

Lasting change

    Have you ever stood still in the gym and quietly reflected with fascination about how people use these machines to change their

Do you know anyone like Amy?

  You might be one of the small number in society who are already self-motivated, love to exercise and know what to eat to

How to understand others

  Why are some people so tedious? They ask a thousand questions before taking action while others ‘just do it’. When you look at

I can’t wait till I’m a teenager

    When you’re small, those bigger than you seem to have it all. They have their own car – go out with their

It’s a Big Plus for the direction of the club

  There’s no denying that Club Physical’s decision to throw it’s weight behind a drive to make ‘every-day’ people a lot more aware that