Health Tips


Wellness vs Sickness ……the forgotten industry

  When talking about the health of the nation there is one industry that is not getting the consideration deserved from Government – the

The world is closed for renovation

  Pollution is down, crime is down, families are closer and the waters of Venice are clear. The World is closed for renovation –

You need to get your fight on!

  In 1996 Tina and I sat in the audience at the San Francisco Convention Centre as the US Surgeon General announced a statement

Building your immunity

  Exercise is the super-drug. Every regular exerciser who has mastered their first six week of self-doubt and adopted this daily discipline will assure

Why is Club Physical involved with combatting Human Trafficking?

  In 2017 Club Physical directors, Tina and Paul Richards accepted an invitation by TEAR Fund to travel to Bangkok and witness the first


  One of the most helpful benefits for committing to a regular exercise programme as you age is that it will help you to retain

Kids have always been first

  Since the gym started Kids have been a cornerstone of Club Physical. Chloe (29) and now managing the Coast club was learning to

New Year: New ‘thinking’?

  Colin Kyle, speaking about successful leaders last week in West Auckland, said that most great leaders formed the discipline to examine their mistakes

Give it your ALL

  ‘Time waits for no one’ was one of the earliest Rolling Stones hits, yet the timeless message holds true. Your time here is,

So you want to live ‘Forever’?

  When I was a teenager I was amazed at how ignorant my dad was. Yet, by the time I’d reached my late 20’s,

What ‘value’ do you place on your life?

  It was a very sad sight as I walked quietly through the rest-home, to see numbers of people in their 60’s, 70’s and

Changing your game for 2020

  Since the founding of Club Physical it became obvious while working with thousands of members that what you eat, will deliver at least
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