Health Tips


Lasting change

    Have you ever stood still in the gym and quietly reflected with fascination about how people use these machines to change their

Do you know anyone like Amy?

  You might be one of the small number in society who are already self-motivated, love to exercise and know what to eat to

How to understand others

  Why are some people so tedious? They ask a thousand questions before taking action while others ‘just do it’. When you look at

I can’t wait till I’m a teenager

    When you’re small, those bigger than you seem to have it all. They have their own car – go out with their

It’s a Big Plus for the direction of the club

  There’s no denying that Club Physical’s decision to throw it’s weight behind a drive to make ‘every-day’ people a lot more aware that

Are you ready to throw on your overalls

  Thomas Edison said that “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls, and looks like WORK”. Auckland’s LIFE leader

Exercise, the real health insurance

  Like all governments before them there is a great fan-fare going on right now about ‘HEALTH’.  Please, this is not a political jibe

An exciting time to be alive

  People are at their best when there is a universal ‘challenge’. This was clearly shown directly after September 11th 2001 in New York.

When one step forward isn’t enough

  Turia Pitt suffered burns to 60% of her body while attempting a one hundred kilometre ultra-marathon in the Australian outback, when trapped by

When did you last take a shot?

  Lets get real. Failure is a human certainty. But you can’t take new ground – make new headway – discover new innovations –

Leaving your cocoon

  Do you remember Border’s Bookshop near the Civic downtown? Our entire family would be excited to go there on a Saturday night, to

Can you see beauty in the chaos of life?

  Have you ever had difficulty in being able to appreciate some of the ‘art’ you see in galleries? You’re not alone. Yet somehow,
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