Health Tips


Become a river, not a reservoir

  When you join the Transformation, your initial motivation will be ‘personal’. It’s all about ‘how to reduce your weight, increase your fitness, reduce

Control the head, control the body

  After numerous tussles with Brahm we often quoted a well-drilled martial art coaching tip to each other, “Control the head….control the body”. Meaning,

Be the change, persist!

  A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence. Jim Watkins is acknowledged for this empowering quote.

Fail forward this year

  Do not be afraid of failure. Our world has large numbers of people who are too scared to take a risk, to try

How little we know

  Earthrise: This picture of the Earth taken from the moon was featured on the 24th December in the NZ Herald. The associated article

Forget the scales this year. Here’s eighteen ways to appreciate your New Year’s progress.

  During our time of running Club Physical we’ve seen them and you’ve seen them. People’s emotions go either up or down as they

Will your car outlast you?

  You might have seen some guys who spend more money, time and effort polishing and maintaining their car, than they do on their

Strengthen your self-control

Your body is not a machine. It is a supremely structured organism that not even the most sophisticated doctors can fully understand. Even the

You might not be able to direct the wind but you can set the sails

Often in life you find yourself looking at the other guy with envy. ‘Wow, he (or she) has it all together. I wish I

Rope a dope

Do you ever feel that you workout so hard and your days are so full that you still find yourself frustrated – you seem

Your prostate. Should you take it seriously?

  It’s called Movember. The time real men around the globe start the month clean shaven, and amidst much laughter and bravado, make the

The secret to weight-loss revealed

  In her groundbreaking book ‘FAT CHANCE’ New Zealand’s Susan Mavia advises people who desperately want to lose weight to “Forget about how fat
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