Health Tips


Your body, your people, your planet, ‘Our purpose.…We need to act’

  Gorillas: The entire population could be lost by 2054 unless urgent action is taken Separated only by a sheet of glass, Tina admires

Serving is good for your health

  If you are already in a job where you get to serve others, this may be of special interest. Have you ever felt

Stress is not your enemy!

  Reading this could save your life. In a landmark study of 30,000 people it was found that ‘believing’ stress was harmful lead to

The four pillars of health

  The ancient pillars of the Acropolis in Athens stood strong for thousands of years. It is thought to have been built 600 years

The five second rule

  This could change your life. Last week Tina and I attended a seminar by Mel Robbins. Ten years ago Mel was an out-of-work

Don’t be a sheep

  For every one person in New Zealand there are 5.6 sheep.  Like the group pictured here, sheep are strongly influenced by one another

Exercising in an age of urgency

    Right now, we in society need sharper thinking and more creative brain power than we’ve ever needed before.  We need to ‘think’,

It helps to know where you’re going

As a teenager there’s no denying that there is extra pressure to know what you want to do in life. The hurdle is, as

How to pick a Winner

  “It’s never, what other people ‘think’ about you that counts. Its’ what YOU think about yourself”. Speaking to a large group of leaders

He bled for the Benefits of Exercise

  April 2016 Sydney, I had the privilege to attend an hour seminar by fitness industry legend, Paul Brown. Paul, a former competitive Aerobic

Become a river, not a reservoir

  When you join the Transformation, your initial motivation will be ‘personal’. It’s all about ‘how to reduce your weight, increase your fitness, reduce

Control the head, control the body

  After numerous tussles with Brahm we often quoted a well-drilled martial art coaching tip to each other, “Control the head….control the body”. Meaning,
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