Lose Weight and Feel Great, Naturally.

Are you looking for something that can help you manage weight, stay fit and in shape? Then MOVE-IT could be for you. Designed for ‘everyday people, MOVE-IT is non-competitive and aims to help create a healthy routine that you can both enjoy and maintain.

Our commitment is to inspire YOU with:

  • A Revolutionary new programme

  • Nutritional advice & realistic guidelines

  • Regular one-on-one Personal Training & Support

  • Extra FUN with peer group exercise

Success Stories

Our goal for the MOVE-IT programme is to help you do more than you could do alone, to help you become fitter, with less stress, and reduce a clothes size or two. But Club Physical cannot guarantee any particular result. To put it in the words of our coaches, “The results that you will get will be proportional to the number of times you visit, the food choices you make, and the effort you put in”.

Here are some success stories from people who have participated in the MOVE-IT Programme.

Linda Robinson

Redundancy, high cholesterol, chocoholic and her insurance premiums had been loaded by another 50%! It was time to lose weight and with the support of her family joined Club Physical.

Linda achieved a weight loss result of 13kgs, has dropped 2 dress sizes and has developed the confidence to run non-stop on the treadmill.*

Weight loss has given Linda a new confidence and passion to train.

Kathryn McCleod

After returning from home from London, Kathryn had let herself go and needed to change things and lose weight.

Kathryn noticed significant changes in her fitness levels and recovery time. Kathryn lost 15cm from her waist and reduced her body fat percentage by 10%.*

Kathryn aims to maintain her weight loss and fitness goals by setting SMART goals and achieving them. Kathryn big goal in mind is her wedding day next year so that will keep her focused and on track.

David Fee

After looking outside his kitchen one evening and seeing a group of people exercising together David found the incentive he needed to join Club Physical. David found the classes ideal for motivation and to work toward a common goal of weight loss and fitness. This was the experience he needed to set a weight loss goal, make friends and get fitter.

David found he had more energy, is healthier and now consumes less alcohol because he feels fitter and healthier. He also has the energy to play with his first grandchild, which will certainly keep him on his toes.*

*results may vary from person to person

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