Too busy to Exercise?!


On Wednesday, Tina and I stood beside an escalator inviting passers-by to come along for a Free Trial.  Frankly, at least half of the locals looked stressed, dull, grumpy, and lacking in ‘health’.  Yet the classic reply from one in four was “I don’t have the time for that”.  To the scores of over 50’s, ’60s, 70’s I saw limp past me, barely able to walk, my heart wanted to scream out “Hey I can guarantee that just four weeks at the gym will transform your LIFE and increase your strength by 10%!”.  Fortunately, I kept quiet because that would be weird.  Ninety-nine percent of them appeared totally resigned to their ill-health.

We ALL value the freedom of choice enjoyed in our beautiful land of Aotearoa. Perhaps the best we can do is to lead by example, ‘to be the change’, reap the rewards, and maybe, just maybe, others may follow.

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