Health Tips


Developing an ‘overcoming’ attitude

  Apart from when you are sleeping, almost every hour of our lives you and I are confronted with decisions on what to do

Don’t sacrifice short term gain for long term pain

  This statement holds try for so many things in life. Take drugs for example: Do we take them for a short term party

First, your foundation

  Most things that are worthwhile in life go better after you have made the effort to build a solid foundation. Indeed, we first

Turn your trials into triumphs

  On the night of December 9th 1914 Edison Industries was destroyed by fire. The loss exceeded two million dollars. That’s equivalent to fifty

‘Resistance Training’ for ‘Life’

  Just as Arnold Schwarzenegger (71) shows here, resistance training becomes all the more vital as you age.  I see so many men and

Sleeping with one eye open

  While working for New Zealand’s Department of Social Welfare at the age of twenty seven I discovered stress never before experienced.  By 4pm

Do you choose quality or price?

  When this question was asked at a local Auckland Business group meeting last week it drew surprising results. Kitchen renovator Rosemary Mahoney asked

Do this and be welcome anywhere

  One of the major benefits of coming to Club Physical is that YOU will get to make new friends. Think about it. You

Do you know your own strengths?

  As you grow in the wisdom of life you realise that you often need to rely on the help of others and to

Doing it ‘together’ is allot more FUN

  Pictured are part of the team who completed the twenty one day Tour de France at Te Atatu. They are among hundreds of

Smile when you lead

  One thing that’s impressive about great leaders irrespective of their policies, is the way that they can smile while being attacked. They smile

When is the best time for you to make a decision?

  Regular exercise is a wise way to help maintain brain-health. Exercise provides a nourishing environment for the growth of brain cells and keeps you mentally sharp. Most