Health Tips


Exercise your brain

Did you know that the cognitive decline you potentially experience as you age can be reversed? The subject was discussed in a speech on

The secret ingredient to ‘growth’

You will never reach your true potential in life as a hermit. To enable growth, you will need to interact with others. Living a

Lets’ do it together

You’ve wanted this for so long; To not feel so tired. To have more energy. To lose that spare tire. In fact, you crave

Why exercise between-jobs

  Have recent changes in society caused you to work fewer hours or perhaps even become redundant? Here are three ways that maintaining your

Life wasn’t meant to be easy

From the moment of your first breath, you’ve had to fight to survive. The plan for your life wasn’t meant to be a walk-in-the-park.

Couch sitting and your mind

Most of us know that longer periods of sitting lead to an increased risk of heart attack and early death. Increased couch sitting is the surest

Too busy to Exercise?!

  On Wednesday, Tina and I stood beside an escalator inviting passers-by to come along for a Free Trial.  Frankly, at least half of

How to start a conversation

‘You belong’ has been the bi-line of Club Physical for over twenty five years. A vital part of ‘Belonging’ is that you know people,

Why ‘Exercise is Medicine’

  Long term member ‘Durga’ is 75 years young and proud of the results he has had by working out regularly.  Durga told us

Without your health

If you suffer from poor health, a lot of your focus and energy will be spent on mere survival. Te Atatu member – Fatima,

Have you experienced the magic of goal-setting?

  Next time you visit the club it’s likely you’ll get asked the question, “Do you have a goal to achieve this year?” And

Don’t beat yourself up this Christmas

  When chocolates, drinks and treats are thrust in front of you don’t sweat-it if you indulge. Loosen up and enjoy the company of
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