Health Tips


On Common Ground

  Years ago after travelling to the FILEX Fitness Convention in Sydney, we took 2-3 extra days to unwind in the Blue Mountains. That time and

Helping to Solve the ‘Shadow Pandemic’

  It cannot be ignored. The term was coined in a New Zealand Herald feature last week asking political leaders what action they would take.

Have you been down for the count?

When sticking to your fitness routine becomes a lifestyle habit, you get results and keep them. It gives you a noticeably higher level of motivation and makes

Caring for your miracle body

  YOU and I are a complex of organisms made up of 30 trillion cells. Each cell has it’s own function, structure and specialized

Stronger physically and mentally NOW

RIGHT NOW there’s an urgent need for YOU to pro-actively put your health first. A radio news report this week told us that a

Is life in the too-hard basket? “Persistence overcomes resistance”

Your expanding waistline might be the trigger that originally propelled you into the gym. Indeed that is one of the most common motivations. But

The Muscle between your ears

Did you know that working-out combats depression? A study by UC Davies Health System discovered that exercise on a stationary bike (to a heart rate of 85% of

Are you in “Balance?”

  If you’re like most people, you’ll have a good idea of your current bank ‘balance’. But did you know that a decline in your

Build your Mental Fitness

  For years our industry focussed on building muscle, then fitness and soon after ‘weight-loss’. But today’s society is craving the benefits of fitness for

Are you under control?

  Age-old advice is to ‘Have a ‘gentle attitude’. Being gentle doesn’t mean that you should be weak. The Greek interpretation of gentleness is

What creates RESULTS?

  A fifty-something friend at the gym told me that he was surprised when post-Christmas, trying on his suit for an upcoming wedding, that his tummy

What will FREEDOM mean to YOU for 2022?

  We’re excited to welcome YOU to your first newsletter for 2022. The word ‘Freedom’ has been bandied about a bit lately to suit
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