Health Tips


A Better Future

  What are you prepared to give up for a better future?     A few years back we enrolled a Tax Inspector named

Gone in 7 Seconds

Good health is a matter of choice     There are two major glaring opportunities that, when respected, can have the biggest positive impact

Whose responsibility is your health?

The government?!   The number of Kiwi stroke sufferers is predicted to balloon by a massive 40% within the next ten years. In a

Reflect on Achievements

Are you making time to reflect   Are you like allot of Club Physical members – progressive, fitness conscious and hardworking, but always ‘busy’.

What is Strength?

Anyone can do it!   If you have the mind, focus and the persistence to do so, you can gain strength rapidly. In fact,

Develop your power to OVERCOME

Determination to WIN!   Michael Phelps captured the gold for his country in the Beijing 2008 Olympics and brought home a record eight best-time
earn good health article

Start Earning Good Health

Why You’ve Got To Earn Good Health Many of the demands we have can be addressed within the comfort and convenience of a swivel
antidepressant health tips article

Are Antidepressants Really Necessary?

Are Antidepressants Really Necessary? How is your mood today? Have you been feeling negative or depressed? The jogging craze began years ago in late
emotional eating article

What is Emotional Eating?

What is Emotional Eating? New research published in Psychological Science found that people eat more junk food when the sports-team they are following, loses;